Juglans regia ‘Buccaneer’ (F)

  • Other common names walnut ‘Buccaneer’
  • Family Juglandaceae
  • Genus Juglans are deciduous trees with pinnate leaves, and inconspicuous flowers in catkins followed by usually edible nuts
  • Details ‘Buccaneer’ is an upright, relatively vigorous cultivar. It is self-fertile, starts to crop when still young, and produces a heavy crop of nuts that are particularly good for pickling


How to grow

Cultivation Grow as a specimen tree in any well-drained or moist but well-drained soil in full sun. For further information see Walnut cultivation

Propagation Propagate by grafting

Suggested planting locations and garden types Low Maintenance Cottage & Informal Garden

How to care

Pruning Pruning group 1

Pests Aphids and walnut blister mite may be a problem

Diseases Walnut leaf spot, walnut leaf blotch and coral spot may be a problem