How to select your tree

Selecting a tree is not always straightforward. The following are some thing for you to consider.
  • what final size are you looking for?
  • deciduous or evergreen


A tree that sheds its leaves in winter. Different varieties have different temperature requirements, so the a bigger spread the higher the volume of leaves although this can be controlled on some species by pruning.


  • A tree that never loses all its leaves. Obviously, as they grow they will shed some of their leaves, but generally the leaf drop will remain inside the trees canopy. They do still tend to have a burst of growth in the growing season.
  • single or multi-stemmed?
  • vigorous or slow growing?
  • is the soil at the desired site dry or moist, rich or poor, in a sunny or shaded position?
  • If you would like a specimen tree then check the practicality of bringing a large tree into your garden. You’ll also need to confirm access and proximity to drainage. We can check for mains pipes or cables.


  • Decide between a bare-root or container-grown plant; bare-root plants are cheaper but only available in autumn and winter, while container-grown plants are more expensive and available all year around. Rootballed plants are halfway between the two: field grown but lifted and the roots tightly wrapped in fabric, usually hessian. Hedging plants and specimen trees are often sold root ball.
Whether buying a bare-root, rootballed or containerised plant, it is important to consider factors such as size, root systems, suitability for the garden and our suppliers guarantee.
The difference between bare-root, root-balled and containerised
Bare root plants are dug from the fields in the late autumn to spring period, whilst they are dormant.
Rootballed plants are dug from the fields between autumn and spring. Soil is kept around the soil roots, to preserve the fine root system to protect from dessication and frost.
Containerised plants are grown and remain in containers to keep to a certain height.
Time of year
Autumn is a good time to plant a tree as you can choose from container-grown and bare-root plants.
If you would like something more instant,
Container-grown trees can be planted at parity much any time of year, but need regular watering after planting.
Site visit 
Alternatively, if you would like us to visit the site we can offer a survey to ensure the correct tree is selected for the site conditions. Please enquire for details.
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