The steps we take

1. Tree consultation

Consider your goal. Before we begin the process of planting a tree or trees, we will first consider your ultimate goal. We can offer advice for the types of trees most suited for the suite environment.

We will help you make the best decisions about everything from what kind of trees best suits your need to where we need to plant them.

Bacon Saver Landscape

2. Treescape design

We will consider the terrain on your site before we draw up the tree plan. Factors such as slope, neighbours, drainage and erosion can have an impact on what trees will thrive on your land.

For example, if there is particularly hilly or steep land, it may not be a good idea to plant because their roots may not be able to take proper hold. If we have to plant trees to combat erosion, we will need to select trees that already have a big root ball, so they don’t get swept away at the next rainfall or windstorm. We will also consider where other trees and plants are there so that the trees we plant not only fits in with the overall aesthetics but also that the trees have room to grow and won’t kill other plants and trees around it.

Tree scaping

3. Tree finding

After we’ve done the background work on your tree needs, we are ready to source the trees to plant. Trees native to your area tend to do well, but you may require something in particular.

We can offer a tree finding service to locate the desired trees. We only use highly recommend suppliers to guarantee quality. Offering competitive prices we believe our packages are the perfect treescaping answer.

Tree Planting Reading

4. Tree supply and logistics

Once the tree is found, we will organise and supply the required trees to your location from where the process can begin. We then start to plant and care for your trees. With expert tree supply and logistics, you will never be without your trees. We also offer temporary storage for your trees for security.

Tree Planting Reading

5. Tree planting –
Preparing to Plant a Tree

Once delivered, we will soon begin the foundations of planting the trees. From here it will require foundation work.

In Tree Planting Reading, site mapping is also included, which will map potential root growth and the area in which the tree will branch and grow. From here we can thoroughly investigate the site and ensure the next stage will proceed safely. we also offer a follow-up service to ensure your trees are a healthy and growing as they should.

Tree Planting Reading

6. Tree aftercare –
Caring for Your Tree

Once planting is finished, the next stage can carry on. From here caring for your tree is as simple as any plant, regular water from rain or heavy periods of downfall can cover its needs. Meanwhile, we will be in direct care for the tree and ensure that root growth is as planned and any branches which may cause problems for houses and roads nearby will be pruned or cut.


Once all steps are complete, you will have the tree you have been looking for. From the experts at Big Heart Tree Care